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Patrick Mahomes Injured

patrick mahomes injured knee

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback and NFL Reining MVP Patrick Mahomes saw his team winning the Denver Broncos 30-6 last night (Thursday), but on the way to the Chief’s fifth victory this NFL season picked up a nasty knee injury, which leaves the rest of the season for him (and the rest of the league) unknown. 

Mahomes dislocated his right kneecap whilst attempting a sneak on the fourth and one carry, and got hit hard by the Broncos’ defense.  He did walk off the field, however an MRI done today (Friday) will determine his faith for the rest of the season.

The NFL season just started pretty much, but so far the seven weeks of play have been full of star quarterback injuries like New Orleans Saints Drew Brees, Carolina Panthers Cam Newton, and Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger. 

Patrick Mahomes joined this unlucky list of injured QBs yesterday, trying to get yardage needed on the fourth down.  If it’s just a dislocation, it could be over with a few weeks of rest, or in case of a rougher injury it can mean an operation that will pretty much mark the end of this season for Mahomes.  But a torn ligament may be a devastating blow to what has so far been a brilliant career for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. 

Before the injury, Mahomes set a record of reaching 7,500 passing yards in his career faster than any other quarterback in NFL history.  With 15 yards in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos, Mahomes threw 7.500 yards in 24 games.

For a few weeks now, the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots sit as the AFC’s favourites.  This, despite Kansas hitting some bumps in the previous two weeks due to various injuries, including Mahomes’ ankle sprain.  However, leaving Denver with a win got the Chiefs back on track with a 5-2 standing.

Now, the future looks cloudy for the Chiefs, under replacement quarterback Matt Moore, who is facing a pretty high mountain to climb.  Moore will need to lead his team in two difficult games that are coming up next, against the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

Whichever injury Patrick Mahomes has, his absence is sure to have an impact on the AFC playoffs, have some implications on the NFC, and even an effect on the entire league.

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