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Game Preview and Predictions

NFL Week 15 Games to Watch – Previews, Picks and Predictions

This current 2019 NFL season gave us one of the most amazing playoff fights we had ever seen. This year’s NFL league is pretty crowded at the top, with twelve teams that have already been eliminated from the post season, but with not with much clarity on how things stand between those top teams that have made it to the playoffs. But this time we can usually start seeing favorites and underdogs.

Cotlts at saints

This current 2019 NFL season gave us one of the most amazing playoff fights we had ever seen.  This year’s NFL league is pretty crowded at the top, with twelve teams that have already been eliminated from the post season, but with not with much clarity on how things stand between those top teams that have made it to the playoffs.  But this time we can usually start seeing favorites and underdogs.  But this year, not much has really been settled to date.

Only the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens have already got their tickets for the 2019 playoffs, but not team has yet to clinch that important first-round bye.

We are coming off week 14 that featured what many say was the game of the season (San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints with a cliff-hanger 48-46 win for the 49ers on the road), and the New England Patriots losing 16-23 at home to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Still, we are still heading into another weekend of late-season action with a few hot games to watch. 

The playoff race isn’t just going to get hot in week 15, it’s actually going to get burning.  So here are some of week 15 hot games and predictions.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Sunday, December 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

Matt Lafleur, Green Bay (10-3) Head Coach said in a press conference this week that he is expecting a “tough-ass game” against Chicago (7-6), and this may not be good news for the Packers who already let opponents push them around at occasion during this season.  Green Bay’s attack and passing has had its up and downs, and their game on the ground will now also have to face Chicago’s Pro Bowl Defensive End Akiem Hicks, who adds a lot of power to the Bears’ running defense.  The Packers allow 4.7 yards per carry (ranked 27th in the league), and the Bears will work this to their advantage, control possession and keep the ball away from Aaron Rodgers.

Packers 20, Bears 17

LINE: Packers -4.5 

O/U: 41


Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday, December 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

The Denver Broncos (5-8) are on a better now, with a 2-game winning streak, and coming off a big 38-24 win on the road against the Huston Texans last week.  We aren’t sure this winning streak won’t be broken on Sunday, but the Broncos should have some good performance on the ground against Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) less-than-perfect run defense. 

The Chiefs are coming as absolute favourites, going 8-0 against the Broncos in their last eight games, and winning 30-6 in when the sides last met in October.  But Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes still doesn’t look right after suffering a hand injury last week.  Denver’s defense is strong, and looks better with every week that goes by, but it will be hard for the Broncos to get a running game going, which is what they need to Keep Mahomes off the field.  

Still who knows, with injured Mahomes facing a physical Bronco Defense, Denver may hand to Kansas a disappointment after last week’s big win against New England at Foxboro.    

Chiefs 27, Broncos 20

LINE: Kansas City -10

O/U: 45.5        


New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bangles

Sunday, December 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

This one seems kind of obvious, with the Cincinnati Bangles (1-12) coming off a terrible season to face the New England Patriots (10-3) which have been handed an emotional loss against the Kansas City Chiefs last week.  Cincinnati’s defense is moving in the right direction, and facing the mighty New England offence is still a big task, but less scary and impossible than it once was.  The Patriots’ interior offensive line doesn’t look that good lately, and with James Ferentz as New England’s Center, this may be a great day for Cincinnati’s Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins. 

But then again, even with some trouble at the top, the Patriots are one of the biggest, strongest teams in NFL history, and one loss doesn’t change that.  And let’s face it, the Bangles haven’t really been doing anything well this season.

Patriots 27, Bengals 13

Patriots -9.5

O/U: 41.5


Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Sunday, December 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

The Washington Redskins (3-10) are travelling to Philadelphia to face the Eagles (6-7), when these two sides last met in September the Eagles won 32-27 on the road.  Injuries in Philly to Wide Receivers Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor make you wonder who exactly will catch passes from Eagles’ Quarterback Carson Wentz.  And also the loss of Pro Bowl Right Tackle Lane Johnson will make Philadelphia’s offense struggle.

The Redskins don’t have Running Back Derrius Guice, and Quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been hobbled in the pocket.  Haskins marked this season more than twice as many interceptions as touchdowns, and a petty poor 55% pass completion record.  With Philadelphia having the 3rd most quarterback hits in the league this season, and Washington being the second-highest in allowing opponent sacks, Haskins better put on his running shoes.

Redskins 17, Eagles 16

LINE: Eagles -5

O/U: 39


Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Sunday, December 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

Russel Wilson and his Seahawks (10-3) are travelling across the country to visit the Carolina Panthers (5-8) and Seattle is coming on the back of last week’s 28-12 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.  The last 10 wins of the Seahawks were all determined by one score or less.  And the Panthers are playing at home.  So some say that this Sunday will belong to Carolina’s Running Back Christian McCaffrey.

Seahawks 24, Panthers 12

LINE: Seahawks -6.5

O/U: 48.5


Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, December 15th, 4:25 PM (ET)

The San Francisco 49ers (11-2) are travelling and coming off a very tight 48-46 win against the New Orleans Saints, and prior to that a devastating 20-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  This will be the first game at home for the 49ers after two games on the road against two of the league’s best teams.  And as any other NFL team this late in the season, San Francisco has also been hit hard with injuries, their defense looks exhausted and it allowed over 100 yards on the ground for every game for quite a while now (since Week 5). 

Atlanta Falcons (4-9) are coming on the back of a roaring 40-20 win against the Carolina Panthers, and their offense looks good enough to keep things very close.  This may be Atlanta’s Quarterback Matt Ryan’s chance to sneak in through the back door and grab a win for the Falcons.

49ers 28, Falcons 17

LINE: 49ers -11

O/U: 48


Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, December 15th, 8:20 PM (ET)

The Buffalo Bills (9-4) are travelling to Heinz Field to face the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5).  The Bills are coming off a pounding, 17-24 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens, who lead the NFL in blitzes got into Bills’ Quarterback Josh Allen’s face on Sunday.  Allen completed only 7 out of 24 passes, and this could repeat itself in Pittsburgh on Sunday.  The Steelers, who are coming off the back of an impressive 23-17 win against the Arizona Cardinals, have the league’s sixth-highest blitz record, and rank first in sacks and pressure rates.  This shouldn’t work too well for Allen, who ranks as the 28th Quarterback in the league against the blitz, and last when it comes to adjusted completion rate under pressure.

Steelers Quarterback Duck Hodges is on the up with a 70% pass completion rate and 8.5 yards per carry.  If he had enough passes to qualify, that would have been third in the NFL.  Compared to Josh Allen completing less than 70%, the Bills are going to be in for a long night at the City of Steel.

Steelers 21, Bills 17

LINE: Steelers -2 

O/U: 35.5


Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints

Monday, December 16th, 8:15 PM (ET)

The Saints (10-3) are hosting another home game after a painful 48-46 loss to the 49ers.  The Colts (6-7), who allowed 79 points in their last two games are probably just what the Saints need to put that loss behind them.  Indianapolis lost 38-35 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, gave up 542 yards and only kept it tight due to four turnovers.  Quarterback Drew Brees and his Saints aren’t going to throw at the Colts such freebies this week.  Indy did improve on its running game, with Linebacker Darius Leonard’s return, but this still isn’t enough to take upon the Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. 

Saints 31, Colts 16

LINE: Saints -9

O/U: 46.5

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